Strawberry Tree Honey





with a dark hazelnut shade that shifts to pale brown and amber and greenish-grey tones.


marked and pungent, recalling ivy leaves, bitter herbs and cocoa beans.


similar to its aroma, long lasting and bitter with lingering overtones of carob and gentian root.

Production area and period:

Its white flowers bloom between October and January. Strawberry tree honey is produced in Autumn, in particular in Tuscany and Sardinia. The fruit, occasionally eaten fresh, is usually used also to make jams or distilled beverages.

Tips for use:

for its bitter taste it can be the ideal complementary accompaniment for cardoons, artichokes and all kinds of bitter vegetables, while it makes a contrast with seasoned cheeses, “pecorino” cheese in particular and full fat fresh and sweet cheeses like mascarpone. It combines extremely well also with coffee or a slight bitter infusion or a purifying tisane made from roots and bark.