Eucalyptus Honey





amber, often tending towards burnt Sienna and with characteristic greyish hues


the bouquet is reminiscent of stock cube broth, of dried porcini mushrooms and liquorice, with a smoky note coming through at the end


of medium sweetness, it leaves a subtle salty tang on the palate. It is intense, with medium acidity and great personality. The taste is similar to that of liquorice and balsamic sweets

Production area and period:

It is collected during summer and autumn in central-southern Italy and the Italian islands

Tips for use:

It is perfect for accompanying starters and main courses, for adding flavour to fish or mixed vegetables either pan-fried or served in vinaigrette with oil and lemon. It is excellent in infusions and hot milk, and with medium-mature cheeses like pecorino. It is ideal with finger foods and sushi. It is also a revelation in bean and legume dishes and in soups.