Chestnut Honey



liquid, with very slow crystallisation


dark amber in colour, with reddish hues reminiscent of agate


an intense, penetrating plant aroma which is pungent and aromatic


slightly bitter, it is astringent and slightly tannic on the palate, with notes of cocoa beans, carob beans and tobacco

Production area and period:

It is collected in the chestnut groves of the Alps and Apennines, above all at the end of summer

Tips for use:

It is ideal with meat, game and mature cheeses, pairing well with h3 flavours. It is perfect combined with dishes with a subtle smokiness. It goes well with fresh cheeses like ricotta and cow’s and sheep’s cheeses alike, but is simply sublime when paired with mature cheeses like Parmigiano Reggiano. It is also excellent with black tea, non-fruity red wines and artisan beers.