Thanks to the initiative of 9 young people from different walks of life who decided to get involved in the fascinating world of beekeeping, the Cooperativa Apistica Valle dell’Idice is founded.The cooperative spirit is what has defined our story for more than thirty five years. It means working together with shared values and goals, represent an ethical social and production model characterised by a number of distinguishing traits: the shared commitment of beekeepers and CONAPI to work for a common supply chain, producing “good, clean and fair” food, a supply chain that constitutes the link between the producer and the consumer.


In 1985 the Cooperativa Apistica Valle dell’Idice teams up with other 6 cooperatives to found the Consorzio Nazionale Apicoltori (Italian National Consortium of Beekeepers), merging with the latter 10 years later. Many single beekeepers, companies, cooperatives and associations have joined the Consortium over these last years.


Combining the Italian words for honey (miele) and delight (delizia), we coined the name Mielizia, the brand representing all the beekeepers of CONAPI, conventional or organic, from the north to the south of Italy. Our beekeepers nurture biodiversity and work in harmony with bees, sharing the reverence for nature, and creating just the right conditions to enable these wonderful insects to produce good, clean honey, pollen and other hive products. Over the last 35 years, many generations have passed. The nephews of our founding beekeeper-members have often become those who manage the beekeeping farms, with the same passion of their ancestors. They commit themselves to the health of their bees and quality of their products, being aware that their efforts will be rewarded by the results of this brand.


The members of the cooperative decided to bet again on Mielizia to consolidate and promote this brand, giving life to a renewed trade structure, entirely dedicated to bee products. 


In 2019 Conapi celebrates its 40° anniversary. Our cooperative has a social base of 259 members – 6 of those located in Spain and 1 in Hungary – and represents over 600 beekeepers, 100.000 hives including both conventional and organic farming. More than 25% of organic Italian honey is produced by Conapi’s beekepers.